#GoBananas Party Summary

There is only one word that sums up the party tonight – BANANAS!  Yes, that’s what happens when we invite men to a party about diapers!

Matthew Langille (@MatthewLangille) certainly brought his humor to the party and kept us ladies on our toes.  While the conversation wasn’t as ‘scripted’ as I tend to be I think everyone had a great time and the party was a success.  I got a little nervous earlier in the day when I got an email from one of our sponsors asking how to tweet during a party…

But they all did AMAZING!  In fact I think they were more on target than I was tonight.  See I was experimenting with several new features tonight.  For starters this was our first party using Rafflecopter for registration.  It actually made the sign up process SUPER easy and effective (I hope you agree).  It also added a few layers of complexity because we didn’t have your Twitter names associated with your email addresses to confirm if you were in fact with us at the party.  Being the awesome assistant that she is Robin (@EcoChicSidekick) kept up and worked around that.

I also decided to experiment with Google+ and hangouts.  A hangout is a video chat room where up to 10 people can ‘hangout’ and chat.  It was kind of fun to have some friends to chat with during the party but I think it kept my mind a tad scattered trying to pay attention to a few too many screens.  As much fun as it was I think I’m going to have to keep it for pre or post party fun and turn it off during the party.  It did have it’s advantages though, when I missed a joke they helped fill me in on the rest of the tweet-versation.

Want to know who won the great prizes???  Congratulations to @catholicfanatic, @kayleebob, @inquisitivemom, @ohiocatfish, @shakymommy, @melissastamps and our Grand Prize winner @bananatomic (how appropriate for tonight)!  They have all confirmed and provided us with their mailing info so their prizes will be out the door and into your mailboxes very soon.

Interesting stats:  1376 tweets today using #gobananas, 1236 tweets between 9-10pm ET, 146 RSVPs

Want to read the entire transcript?  It’s not formatted pretty but you’ll be able to follow along and see some of the tweets that you missed.  http://bit.ly/nCWCdJ  Be prepared there are 50 pages of tweets!

A few funny tweets from tonight:

  • matthewlangille @TheEcoChic haha…Matthew Langille just grabbed another
  • beer….this is harder to follow than congress! #gobananas
  • matthewlangille I think you ladies need to run the world! At least things would get done
  • quickly! #gobanana
  • matthewlangille vinegar is good on salad too! Amazing vinegar is! #gobanana
  • CharlieBanana @TheEcoChic taught me a new phrase – NAK – nursing at keyboard.
  • Who is doing it right now? Seriously attempting… #gobanana
  • matthewlangille @CharlieBanana DAK – Drinking at keyboard #gobanana

Well you get the gist of the evening.  That’s what happens when you invite boys to a girls party!  Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now I’m off to bed so I can be well rested to go to work in the morning.  Sweet dreams my fluffy friends!

XOXO!  Until next week – you have RSVP’d for next week haven’t you?  Why not?  Go…Do it Now!!

New to Twitter? Here is a link to a few popular tutorials to help you navigate your way around TweetGrid, TweetChat and more. TUTORIALS

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  1. Nancy Ludka says:

    Hi! I was at the twitter party tonight on both Tweet Chat and Tweet Grid. I tried to send multiple tweets on each site but nothing would post. I entered in the rafflecopter drawing but could not find how to RSVP for the GoBananas event. Could you please tell me how to RSVP to the Kelly Wels party? Thank you!

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