How to Use TweetChat for Parties – Twitter Parties 101

Twitter Parties 101:  How to Use TweetChat during a Twitter Party

How to Use TweetChat

If you are new to Twitter, one of the easiest ways to follow and participate in a Twitter Party is by using TweetChat.  To begin visit and sign in using your Twitter account (you’ll need to have a Twitter account in order to use TweetChat or any other Twitter application).

Once you sign in you will then enter the appropriate hashtag (#examplehashtag) and all of the related tweets will appear on your screen.

How to Use TweetChat

Enter your message into the empty block and begin chatting with friends.  The hashtag will automatically be entered at the end of all of your tweets so you won’t have to remember to enter it each time.

To reply or retweet using TweetChat hover over the arrow buttons to the right of the tweet and select either reply or retweet.  From there you can enter your comment/tweet into the message box.

If the Tweets are going to quick for you simply select the Pause button at the top and the messages on the screen will stop.  To go to the most recent Tweets select Update.

Chat away, have fun, and enjoy the party!
New to Twitter? Here is a link to a few popular tutorials to help you navigate your way around TweetGrid, TweetChat and more. TUTORIALS

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