Diapering Today Holiday Twitter Party

Diaper Today Twitter Party


Save the Date!

After all your Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping is complete why not take a break and join us for a Holiday Cloth Diapering Twitter Party hosted by The Willow Store and myself.  Their brand new “Diapering Today” cloth diapering video was just revealed a few weeks ago and we’d like to help them celebrate the release with a party.  In addition they have a new website to reveal with great cloth diapering educational tips and advice.    

Party Time:  9-10:00 pm ET

Who to follow:  @TheEcoChic@TheWillowStore, and @EcoChicSideKick

Sponsors to follow:  @KellyWels, @ChangingDiapers, @DiaperShops, @ittibittius

Hashtag:  #DiaperingToday

TweetChat:  http://tweetchat.com/room/diaperingtoday

Prizes:  Door prizes will be announced very soon!  Door prizes will be awarded to any registered guest of the #diaperingtoday Twitter Party (must tweet live with us a minimum of one time during the live party to be eligible).

To RSVP please follow the steps below in Rafflecopter.  We will randomly select our winners using this system.  (Rafflecopter may not been viewed on some mobile devices and in some feed readers so please visit:  ecochicparties.theecochic.com to enter.

Rules:  In order to win the prizes during the #DiaperingToday Twitter Party you must RSVP using the link above and tweet live with us during the Twitter Party a minimum of one time using the #DiaperingToday hashtag.  Winners must be over the age of 18 yrs old and residents of the US and Canada.  Winners will be chosen at random using Random.org and will be announced during the party.  Winners have 24 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be selected.

Special Sponsor Love:

@KellyWels & @ChangingDiapers for donating 2 copies of the Changing Diapers book as prizes

@DiaperShops for donating a $25 gift certificate to Kelly’s Closet as a prize

@ittibittius for donating an itti bitti tutto one-size cloth diaper as a prize

Would you like to be a sponsor of the #DiaperingToday Holiday Party?  Follow this link for more information: http://www.willowpads.com/products/DTsponsorship  or you may contact theecochic@gmail.com or sales@thewillowstore.com for additional information.  Limited spaces will be available.  

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored campaign of The Willow Store.



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  1. Melissa H. says:

    I think our parents, as well as a couple of friends of mine, could benefit from Diapering Today! Thanks!

    Twitter id: @melissastamps

  2. Amy Menzies says:

    I have a good friend that is thinking about cloth diapering and could really use a helpful video. @MommaMenz

  3. Tara Sutton says:

    My sister! Who knows when she’ll be having a baby, but she needs to know the benefits of cloth!


  4. Brandi says:

    A friend of mine who just had a baby when I did…they spend so much money on disposables, I’d love to show her how easy cloth really is. twitter@sj4iy

  5. My SIL would really benefit from this video! @chelsealdk

  6. Mary Michaud says:

    I have a cousin who would benefit, although I probably would just lend it, so I can keep lending it out as people ask me about cloth diapering. @simplymerrier

  7. Carolyn H says:

    I have a few friends who this would be perfect for! Also my sister-in-law would really benefit from this too! @Graceink

  8. Stacy says:

    I would like to use this for my Real Diaper Association Circle library, to show at Cloth Diaper 101 classes we teach!

  9. My sister! Could be most beneficial to her…

  10. Jodi Kershuk says:

    I have a friend who is curious about cloth diapering I think this would answer a lot of her questions.

  11. Sonya Morris says:

    I think my friend who will be TTC would benefit from this.

  12. Sonya Morris says:

    I forgot to include my Twitter handle, it is @catholicfanatic.

  13. jeannine m (@mellanhead) says:

    A friend from high school is having her first baby and could benift

  14. mom4everever says:

    knw a bunch who could use

  15. I’d love to show my relatives who are curious about cloth. :) I also have a friend who is interested in cloth diapers but hasn’t made the switch yet.


  16. Kirstin O'Donnell says:

    I have a few friends that might use cloth and would also have to say my mom would love to watch it too

  17. Vanessa C. says:

    My best friend who is having a baby in June.
    – I’m @PsMamae on twitter.

  18. Olivia L says:

    I’d love to show the video to a friend of mine who’s expecting early next year. She thinks I’m crazy for cloth diapering, and I think she’d be crazy not to!

  19. Tanis says:

    I would definitely benefit the most from the video!


  20. Andrea says:

    Yay for cloth and saving the environment!

  21. Chany says:

    My friend Jill could benefit from this video.

  22. Denise Taylor says:

    I have several friends that are pregnant or recently have given birth that could benefit greatly! They don’t understand cloth diapers at all despite seeing mine and having me explain :/

  23. I love this video and would like to get it into every WIC office!

  24. Ann Davis says:

    I think a daycare that’s considering cloth diapers will benefit watching it to solidify their decision and also hospitals to educate their nurses. When I had my baby, the nurses had no idea what to do. lol

  25. debbie m says:

    my friend, Jenny, could use the book. she is trying to get pregnant and i think it might convince her to use cloth..

  26. Valerie E. Shoemaker says:

    I could benefit from this! We’re still cloth newbies and would love to learn more, and then be able to share it with our friends and family.


  27. christine kangas says:

    Our parents could definitely benefit from that video…. but I’m sure it couldn’t hurt us to watch it too!


  28. Joyce Dorsey says:

    I would like to show the video to my friend who is expecting to show her it actually really IS easy(and fun)!


  29. Rachel Jones says:

    My mom could use this video, since I will be cloth diapering my little one starting in March and she is not sure about cloth diapers yet!

    My twitter id: @rachelnoelle23

  30. My cousin just had twin baby girls and would like to cloth diaper them. I would love to send her the video.

  31. Terri Babin says:

    Yay! Another awesome Twitter party! I have been working really hard to try to convince my friend Angie o use cloth diapers, I would love to share this video with her!


  32. Stephanie says:

    Woohoo! I love twitter parties! can’t wait!

  33. Vashti M says:

    My friend who is due in Jan and committed to using cloth this time around

  34. Audra says:

    My HUBBY! He needs to get on board!


  35. I would give it to my hubby! He needs to know more about cloth diapering…and it might get him to try to change the baby once in a while. ;)

  36. @BrittniAndElle

  37. Kendra V. @butterfly1979_2 says:

    One of my friends is pregnant and I’d love to get her to use cloth so I’d give it to her!

  38. Brittney Herrera says:

    My mother and a few of my pregnant friends!

  39. Jennifer says:

    My sister and my neighbor are both expecting on July 3rd and they could both benefit! My sister watched my son and CDed him for me and my neighbor tried for a few weeks but gave up! I need help convincing them!

  40. Rachael says:

    One of my friends is seriously considering switching to cloth…she could really benefit. :) @MommyofKs

  41. Neysa says:

    My riding trainer is due in December so I’d show it to her to convince her of the fluff advantages!
    My twitter name is hibinme

  42. My friend who passed away from cancer on Wednesday wanted to turn her sister on to cloth diapering. She is due in December, so I plan to get her started with some great info and a gift!


  43. Jeanine says:

    I know a few people who could benefit from the changing diapers video! Mostly my sister in law who is on the fence about cloth diapering because my brother in law thinks its gross :/

    Twitter: @allshetweets

  44. Jamie Urbanawiz says:

    My sister-in-law. She’s been asking me questions about CD-ing lately, and has looked through my copy of “Changing Diapers.” She’s very interested!


  45. Raquel Beaty says:

    I have several friends and family members that could benefit from this video.

  46. jenny says:


    My sister who is on the fence about cding!

  47. Shannon says:

    My cousion can my sister just talked her into cloth and granny is freaking out ;)

  48. steff says:

    my husband could benefit! @scg003twitparty

  49. shannon says:

    my cousion and her daughter my sis just talked the daughter into using cloth and granny is scared poopless @cartersaunt11

  50. Jessica Stratton says:


    My husbands best friend is having (well his wife is) their first baby in feb. They have asked a lot of questions about cloth and I think they would really benefit from seeing this movie. I try to answer all the questions but I think the movie would be better for them.

  51. michelle says:

    my cousin is really getting hit hard buying all those disposable diapers! I’m trying to show her how beneficial it is to cloth diaper!

  52. Amanda Maupin says:

    My friend who is TTC wants to use cloth and she would love a diapering today DVD

    My twitter is: @MrsM9

  53. Limor C says:

    The parents and some friends (one in particular) can benefit from the video.

  54. Nikki Moore says:

    Pretty much everyone I know who thinks we’re crazy for CD-ing could use this video lol


  55. kristi rowland says:

    A pregnant friend could use this!

  56. kristi rowland says:

    A pregnant friend could use the video. I also have a friend with lots of cloth questions.


  57. becca says:

    I could share the video with a couple friends who are “scared” of cloth!

  58. I could use it,but I would also love for my hubby to watch it since I don’t think I have him 199% won over to CD….


  59. Shelley Garrett says:

    I’d love for my extended family to watch it. They need someone besides me to extoll the virtues of cloth!

  60. Amy Worrell says:

    I will be in attendance – see you then!

  61. Jessica W. says:

    My sister in law is currently pregnant I think she could benefit from hearing about cloth diapering.


  62. Laurie C says:

    I know a few people that could benefit, but the people I know that would listen aren’t anywhere near having children yet.


  63. Tiffany Thomas says:

    I have two friends I have converted to cloth. They child both use the extra info!

  64. Tiffany Thomas says:

    Leaving 2 comments becausei forgot to leave to twitter name:( flutterby0819 and I have 2 friends that are new to cloth and could use the extra help

  65. Julie says:


    I’d like the video for my local moms group. I think they could benefit by watching it and passing it around from mom to mom. Would love to win one!

  66. Kristina S says:

    My sister would benefit from this video. @happymama28

  67. April G says:

    My sister in law could really benefit from this! I’ve almost convinced her to use cloth with her next baby. :)

    twitter name is @irishmarmalade

  68. Rachel G says:

    I have a friend that is thinking about making the switch and I think it would help get her off the fence.

  69. Emily Kuhn says:

    My friend; she is considering making the “big switch”!

  70. Jennifer says:

    My sister because she’s always wanted to get into cloth but never did.

  71. Josh M says:

    My sister and my wife are both pregnant and 1 week apart from each other. I think both our families would benefit.

  72. I would give it to my daughter’s speech therapist. She is super sweet and due in November! @sistersncloth

  73. Rachel Leann says:

    My friend Kelly, I’d loved to get her cloth diapering. @tall_person13

  74. Laura B. says:

    I think my Cousin would benefit. She really wanted to cloth diaper, but the family that will be helping watch the baby freaked. Disposables are such an expense, maybe the video would show them what cloth diapers are now.

    @lilacmoonbeam is my twitter

  75. Whitney Bofferding says:

    My SIL she has two under 2 and already thinking about #3!! :) @WhitBoff

  76. Jaime Hodges says:

    I love the opportunity to win free diaper stuff!

  77. I have three nieces, one has already had her first and I think they all could benefit from the video. My Twitter id is @RuralMama

  78. Chrissy Allen says:

    I am just starting cloth diapering. My hubby is not on board with me so I would love for him to see the video.

  79. Mikala Miller says:

    I think my husband and I would benefit!


  80. Amanda Alvarado says:

    My grandson’s mom would benefit from this! I have tried to talk to her about it but she is still very iffy! My son on the otherhand is all for it! It means no money spent (or less of it) on disposables!

  81. Shelley says:

    My best friend @treehugger76

  82. Carla Garcia says:

    my sister

  83. Kristie says:

    My best friend! She’s getting ready to have baby #2 and even though i’ve explained cloth diapering to her before she still feels very overwhelmed by the idea!

  84. Jodi J says:

    I would love to share this video with the ladies in my MOPS group – they all think my cloth diapering is a little weird yet they also all complain about how much they’re spending on disposable diapers.

  85. Lynette says:

    My friend just had a baby on Friday! She’d be perfect! @looloo01

  86. Elisha F says:

    I have a good friend expecting in a few months – I’m trying to convince her that cloth is best!

  87. I’d love to show it to a couple of friend that are due soon! (One was due yesterday and the other next week!)


  88. JLJMommy says:

    Hubby could! or my expectant neighbor.

  89. Sarah G. says:

    I think my mother would benefit – she’s not too sure about the whole cloth idea!


  90. Sarah Hull says:

    I would love to share this video with my cousin who is thinking about cloth diapering!


  91. Ashley L says:

    I would love to share this with all of the ladies in my husband’s med school class. They are all starting new families and I have only been able to convert one so far!

  92. Cinella says:

    I have several friends & cousins who are preggo!

  93. Crystal says:

    all the pregnant cousins I have would benefit!!


  94. Angie l. says:

    My sister. 5 months pregnant :)

  95. I have a friend who really wants to cloth diaper but her husband refuses. He could benefit from the video!


  96. Sadie says:

    My sister would benefit from the Diapering Today. She wants to cloth diaper and I want to be able to help her.

  97. Lora says:

    A sister-in-law!

  98. I have a few pregnant friends that could benefit from this video! @ericanicholas

  99. All of our applicants would benefit.

    (I screwed up my twitter handles and reversed for this so @thegnomesmom)

  100. Jessica Johnson says:

    Me, I am always looking for new tips and tricks about cloth diapering. @sajsjohnson

  101. Katie Santiago says:

    I’d share that video with everyone, friends and family!

  102. Brandi Elam says:

    Both my SIL who is pregnant and my friend who is pregnant could benefit from this video

  103. Sarah B. says:

    I could benefit… I’m just starting out!


  104. Laura morris says:

    My best friend!

  105. Rebecca Mann says:

    My friend who just had a baby and is beginning her cloth diaper journey.

  106. Lauren Johnson says:

    I have a friend who is pregnant with #5 that’s interested on cloth diapering, she wpuld love thw video and it may win her over!

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